Black Flying Squirrel  Aeromys tephromelas in a Ficus variegata fig tree at the Rainforest Discovery Center at Sepilok in Sabah.

This and the following photo were taken by professional bird guide Yeo Siew Teck

The Ficus variegata fig fruits look too young to be ripe  so it may just be a coincidence  that this Black-Flying Squirrel was in a fig tree.

Black Flying Squirrels are scarce in Borneo which is strange because they are known to have a generalist largely vegetarian  diet including fruit, seeds and leaves, including oily oil palm fruits and  the sweet flowers of Madhuca  trees (Nyatoh).

So far there is only one  anecdotal report of  Black-Flying Squirrel feeding on figs at the Belalong Field Center in Brunei.

For many years a family of Black-Flying Squirrels have occupied a tree hole next to the Canopy Walkway at the rainforest Discovery Center Sepilok. They share the same habitat as Giant-Red Flying Squirrels at Sepilok but emerge  from their tree hole after dusk about half an hour after the Giant Red Flying Squirrels.

This and the next photo taken by Cosmo Phillipps in 2011.