ABOVE: Ficus stupenda  growing in the Ficus orchard at the Sabah Ficus Germplasm Centre (SFGC) at Tabin in Sabah.

This individual was grown from a marcot of the wild  strangler  shown below. Individual leaves including petiole (leaf stalk) are often over 50 cm  in length making them the largest leaves of any strangler found in Borneo.

According to Dr Zainal the SFGC  staff originally grew several plants from marcots. The captive rhinos  did eat the leaves but preferred fig leaves with less latex. However local wild elephants ate the rest of the plants apart from the individual pictured above.

Ficus xylophylla growing wild in the forest at Tabin in Sabah as an epiphyte on a very large tree. Note that Ficus xylophylla does not grow as a strangler but as an epiphyte with only a few roots that drop down to the ground.

Individual leaves are over 50 cm in length.