Photos below show Ficus inaequipetiolata  growing along the bank of the Melawi river  near the Nokan Nayan waterfall in the hills of the Bukit Baka – Bukit Raya mountain range in the extreme east of West Kalimantan.

The Melawi river in a tributary of the mighty Kapuas river (the longest river in Borneo)  which reaches the coast of West Borneo next to the town of Pontianak.

Note that the fig is male and, as is typical of this species, is  full of sharp white hairs.

Also note that this is the narrow leaf  variety of Ficus inaequipetiolata.

All photos by Ripin Forestry .

There is only one previous record of Ficus inaequipetiolata from Kalimantan, from Sampit in Central Kalimantan