ABOVE: The TYPE collection of Ficus inaequipetiolata collected at Sandakan  in 1918 by Merrill’s collector Castillo and first named by Merrill  in the Philippine Journal of Science in 1922. Corner originally considered this fig to be a variety of Ficus aurata but in Corner (1960) gave this fig the name Ficus paramorpha.  Berg and Corner (2005) returned this fig to the original name given by Merrill. To add to the confusion Berg (2003) named a collection of this fig from Sandakan as Ficus sandanakana.

Thus in Berg & Corner (2005) Ficus inaequipetiola was also listed as Ficus sandanakana.

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The confusion surrounding Ficus inaequipetiolata is partly due to the great variation in morphology. The leaves can be broad or narrow and the length of the leaf stalk (petiole) often varies substantially even on the same branch.

Range: Endemic to Borneo. Locally common in Sabah  in areas of poor soil such as Kebun Cina and the Leila Forest Reserve on the ridge behind Sandakan town and also on areas of ultramafic soil on Kinabalu but scarce or rare elsewhere in Borneo. There is only one record from Kalimantan, from Sampit in Kalimantan Tengah- which remains to be confirmed.Inaequipetiolata in Berg 2005.jpg