Ficus xylophylla  is a generally rare strangler, locally common in virgin peat swap forest.

The individual illustrated below is the first known record from Tawau Hills Park.

This fig tree was fruiting in hill forest next to the Gunung Lucia trail in march 2023.

F. xylophylla produces the second largest fig in Section Conosycea (Stranglers).

The individual in the photo below is 3.5 x 2.5 cm.

The largest fig in Section Conosycea is produced by Ficus stupend  which as been recorded at up to  6 x 3.5 cm.

The fallen figs are easily distinguished because  F. stupenda figs have very large basal bracts whilst the basal bracts of F. xylophylla are tiny and cannot usually be seen unless the fig is detached from the branch.

All photos and information thanks to Shavez Cheema, Chun Xing WONG and Yulinda Wahyuni  of 1 Stop Borneo Wildlife