Ficus rubrocuspidata, Crocker Range, 600m. Note the rootlets growing from the twigs which  the botanist who named this plant  (E.J.H Corner) considered to be a distinguishing feature of a similar fig growing in the same locality Ficus leptocalama. In fact both species produce rooting branches. Ficus leptocalma  (rare, confined to Sabah) grows on rocks next to mountain streams and the fruiting branches are usually leafless and covered in small roots. F. rubrocuspidata  (common throughout Borneo) grows  in the understorey of wet rocky forest in the hills. All photos in this article by Linus Gokusing.


Ficus rubrocuspidata, Crocker Range 600m. Photo by Linus Gokusing.

Ficus rubrocuspidata, Crocker Range, 600m. Photo by Linus Gokusing
Ficus rubrocuspidata. Note the curious leaf venation and compare with the drawings originally commissioned by Corner for the original type descriptions of both F. rubrocuspidata and F. leptocalama that follow.
Ficus leptocalama (Corner)
Ficus rubrocuspidata (Corner)