GOLDEN BROWN FIG Ficus brunneoaurata Corner (1960) SECTION: ERIOSYCEA

Latin: Golden brown, presumably referring to the tiny golden brown hairs on the twigs.

Plant: Small tree to 16m  with spirally arranged hairy leaves and twigs. Leaves are similar to Ficus fulva and like Ficus fulva may be palmate especially in juveniles.

Fig: Medium sized sessile round figs (1.3- 2.0cm) covered in dense very short hairs, which look very different to the hairy figs of Ficus aurata and Ficus fulva.

Similar species: The leaves look very similar to those of Ficus fulva and like Ficus fulva this fig has one or more pairs of waxy glands at the base of the leaf blade (lamina)

Distinguish: Compared with F. aurata and F. fulva (1)  By the distinctive appearance of the fig.  (2) The stipule  in the living plant is red/ orange whilst F. aurata and F. fulva have pale green or pale brown stipules.

Distribution: Widely scattered throughout the primary and secondary forests of Borneo but nearly always less common than Ficus aurata and Ficus fulva. Appears to be most common in the hills up to 1,100 m, eg Kokol Ridge near Kota Kinabalu and Kipandi in the Crocker Range . At Lambir less than 1/20 as common as Fulva and Aurata. No records from Gng Palung.

Range: Endemic to Borneo. Locally common in open gaps in wet hill forest along with F. aurata and F. fulva. Rare in the lowlands.

Ficus brunneoaurata.jpg