Ficus endospermifolia is one of the most common roadside figs between Kinabalu Park HQ and the Kiau Gap (Lumu Lumu) halfway along the road to the Timpohon Gate. Above the Kiau Gap  another Section Eriosycea fig  (Ficus eumorpha) becomes the most common roadside fig. This individual F. endospermifolia was photographed from the Kinabalu Park HQ car park looking over the Liwagu valley.

Ficus endospermifolia IMG_2144 - Copy.JPGFicus endospermifolia IMG_2233 - Copy.JPGFicus endospermifolia IMG_2149 - Copy.JPG

Ficus endospermifolia IMG_2371 - Copy.JPG

Ficus endospermifolia IMG_2377 - Copy.JPG

Ficus endospermifolia IMG_2389 - Copy.JPG