Ficus endospermifolia is locally common along the roadside between Kinabalu Park HQ and the Kiau Gap (Lumu Lumu).

The Kiau Gap viewpoint is halfway along the road  between Park HQ and the Timpohon Gate at the start of the Kinabalu Summit Trail.

Above the Kiau Gap  another Section Eriosycea fig  (Ficus eumorpha) becomes the most common roadside fig.

The individual F. endospermifolia below was photographed from the Kinabalu Park HQ car park looking over the Liwagu valley.

There are only 3 Bornean figs in Section Eriosycea  (hairy figs and leaves) with red stipules.

(1) Ficus endospermifolia-see the photos below in this article

(2) Ficus brunneoaurata

(3) Ficus bruneiensis

Ficus endospermifolia IMG_2144 - Copy.JPGFicus endospermifolia IMG_2233 - Copy.JPGFicus endospermifolia IMG_2149 - Copy.JPG

Ficus endospermifolia IMG_2371 - Copy.JPG

Ficus endospermifolia IMG_2377 - Copy.JPG

Ficus endospermifolia IMG_2389 - Copy.JPG