Ficus temburongensis TYPE collection from disturbed riverside forest at Selapon in Temburong, Brunei, by Coode et al. (1994)  identified by CC. Berg in 2012.

Ficus temburongensis TYPE description

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Berg (2012) Ficus Temburongensis BLUM2012057002011

TEMBURONG FIG Ficus temburongensis Berg (2012)     Rare Borneo endemic

Habit: Small streamside tree to 5m

Leaves: The  symmetrical leaves  with a relatively long petiole are covered in silky hairs and grow in tufted whorls at the end of the thick twigs. This is  similar to the growth form of the small trees typical of  Ficus virescens , Ficus cereicarpa, Ficus francisci and Ficus albomaculata  which however typically produce bunches of cauliferous figs on the trunk.

Figs:  Resemble the typical stoloniferous figs of Ficus uncinata.  According to the type collection from Kg Selapon, Temburong, Brunei. “Figs on short branches to 3 m long trailing stems from near ground level to c. 2 m from ground level. Figs spherical with red brown hairs and green bract like processes.

Taxonomy: In summary Berg’s TYPE description indicates that F. temburongensis appears to  the possess the symmetrical leaves and  tufted twigs  similar to F. cereicarpa and F. francisci (both of which produce cauliferous figs)  with a description of the typical stoloniferous geocarpic (earth figs) of Ficus uncinata or Ficus malayana. All these figs can be found in the riverine forest of Temburong, Brunei.

There are only two geocarpic figs in Borneo with symmetrical leaves (F. subterranea and F. beccarii) .  In both cases the leaves grow alternately  in a flat plane (distichous), not in whorls at the end of bare branches.

To date there are only three  records of Ficus temburongensis from Borneo;

  1. The type collection from Selapon in Temburong, Brunei by Coode et al as described by Berg (2012)
  2. A photographic record of a plant from upstream Sg Belalong taken by  Jean-Yves Rasplus on 29.11.1996. See Ficus temburongensis, Sungai Belalong, Brunei
  3. A probably mistaken record from  Barito Ulu in Central Kalimantan as described by Berg (2012) based on  the herbarium collection shown below;
Temburongensis collected Barito Ulu by Ridsdale .jpg
This collection from Barito Ulu in Central Kalimantan by Ridsdale  PBU 189A  (1990) was included in the type description of Ficus temburongensis by Berg (2012). However Ridsdale’s note “Secondary forest cauliferous fig, massive cluster on main stem” indicates that this collection is almost certainly Ficus albomaculata based on the shape of the base of the leaf.