Photo shows the view upstream of the Belalong River from the landing steps of the Belalong Field Centre in Temburong, Brunei.

The photographs in the article are the first time that Ficus temburongensis  has been photographed in the wild and only the second confirmed record for Borneo.

The photos were taken  on  29.11.1996  at location (4.525070 115.154926) upstream of the Belalong Field Centre  by Jean-Yves Rasplus  Professor of Entomology  at  INRA – Centre de Biologie pour la Gestion des Populations, FRANCE.

Rasplus Teburongensis 01
The figs look similar to the typical fig fruit on Ficus uncinata and grow on long stolons.
Temburongensis02 .jpg
However the leaves are symmetrical  and grow in whorls at the end of bare twigs quite unlike other earth figs and more typical of Ficus cereicarpa and Ficus francisci both of which occur in the Temburong forests.

Temburongensis 03 .jpg

Temburongensis 03.jpg

Temburongensis 03 - Copy.jpg


Ficus temburongensis is currently recorded from only two confirmed locations in Borneo both  in Temburong, Brunei (1) Selapon near the Batu Apoi River and  (2) Near the Belalong River upstream of the Belalong Field Center.

Ficus temburongensis: Introduction