ABOVE: Ficus fistulosa male figs from Sukau (Kinabatangan). The  fig wasps have left through the open ostiole leaving behind the  now empty  brood chambers (gall flowers). The white anthers of the male flowers (stamens) can be clearly seen surrounding the ostiole. Male figs are not eaten by most animals and once the fig wasps have left they rot either on the tree or fallen on the ground.


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Ficus fistulosa female figs at Bedanu (Brunei) . These female figs are still not quite ripe as they are still producing latex. Once the figs are ripe the latex will dry up and the figs will be collected by small fruit bats that snatch them off the tree as they fly past. Note that the interior of the female Ficus fistulosa fig is pink/red whilst the interior of male figs is white or pale brown. Female F. fistulosa figs use scent to attract small fruit bats to collect the figs to eat and thereby disperse the seeds.
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The ripening seeds can be clearly seen inside this female fig. The presence of latex indicates they are still not quite ripe and not ripe enough to be taken by a fruit bat.