ABOVE. Ficus  ixoroides growing next to the river in the Bario Highlands of NE Sarawak 

Ficus ixoroides is very rare rheophytic fig endemic to Borneo. The long thin leaves are adapted to withstand  fast flowing rivers in flood.

Location: River between Pa Lungan to Pa Umor in the Bario Highlands of NE Sarawak. Co-ordinates   3.761009 115.526397.

Photos by Astrid Cruaud and Jean-Yves Rasplus.

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The Bario Highlands describe a thinly settled plateau of padi fields and secondary forest  above 1,000m in NE Sarawak surrounded by the highest mountains in Sarawak and NE Kalimantan. Access is by small  plane from Miri to Bario.