Ficus stolonifera  photographed by Linus Gokusing in the Crocker Range.  Note the tiny seeds  in the ripe female figs in the photos above and below.

Note also that the figs shown in these photos are of all shapes and colours starting with black spotted white, turning to crimson spotted white and then turning black again as they begin to rot. Thus this F. stolonifera plant is producing figs steadily over a period of weeks rather than in one big bang, as with many Bornean figs.

Earth figs have the smallest seeds of any of the Bornean figs obviously an evolutionary strategy to avoid seed predation by forest rats and this may explain how they can “afford” to produce figs steadily- without fear of  seed predators.


03 Ficus stolonifera P7142038.JPG

04 Ficus stolonifera P7142041.JPG

05 Ficus stolonifera P7142043.JPG

06 Ficus stolonifera P7142044.JPG

Crocker Range.jpg