SUPPERFORATA Ficus supperforata  Corner (1960)   SECTION RHIZOCLADUS

Latin: “P” shaped holes referring to the “P” shaped pits (foveolate) in the under surface of the leaf.

Habit: A rare root climbing fig confined to lowland peat-swamp forest in Brunei, Sarawak and West Kalimantan where it replaces Ficus villosa.

The large oblong leaves  8-18 cm long by 4-8 cm wide are smooth on the upper surface and hairy below.

Fig: The small figs 0.5 – 0.8  are sessile or may hang from short peduncles. They are stipitate and often knobbly when ripe. Figs ripen orange.

Similar species: Ficus villosa and other root climbing figs with medium to large leaves.

Distinguish: From Ficus villosa and similar root climbers by the pitted (foveolate) under surface of the leaf, the tiny figs with obvious peduncles and a lesser number of side veins compared with F. villosa .

Distribution: Confined to lowland peat swamp forest in West Borneo from Brunei south to West Kalimantan.

02 L.1620794 Pulau pusing Belait 1995

03 L.1620794 Pulau pusing Belait  1995  - Copy.jpg

07 L.1620796  Daro Sarawak 1957.jpg

06 L.1620796  Daro Sarawak 1957.jpg

04 L.1620790 Brunei Badas 1988.jpg

05 L.1620790 Brunei Badas 1988 - Copy.jpg