Ficus tarennifolia growing in a stream bed  next to the Sg Perdayan,  Bukit Patoi Temburong, Brunei. Note the small bunch of immature green figs  at the base of the trunk, highlighted by an orange arrow.

This is the first record of Ficus tarennifolia outside Sabah. All photos by Arlene Walshe.

See Ficus tarennifolia: Introduction.

Ficus tarennifolia is very variable. The closest match is  a Ficus tarennifolia from Bukit Taviu in Sabah.    Alternatively this fig is very close to Ficus tengerensis

Ficus tarennifolia 0C7A9937 - Copy.JPG



Ficus tarennifolia 0C7A0082.JPG0C7A0070.JPG


01 Ficus tarennifolia 0C7A9965.JPG
The Ficus tarennifolia illustrated above was photographed next to the Wasai Berjanggut (Bearded Waterfall) on Bukit Perdayan, Temburong, Brunei

Bukit Patoi Map

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