Ficus retusa from Java (correctly labelled for once !)  from  Naturalis.

However  95% of the Ficus retusa herbarium collections on the Nauralis website are actually Ficus microcarpa.

The Ficus retusa illustration above is available online from under a  creative commons license.

Note that the Ficus taxonomy followed on this website is based on the Flora Malesiana treatment by Berg & Corner (2005) with taxonomic updates as listed  here.

See also Ficus retusa: Introduction and  Ficus retusa Bonsai confusion 

Ficus retusa Java 276951
Ficus retusa from Java listed as Ficus truncata in Atlas der Baumarten von Java (1918)
02 Microcarpa called Retusa in AVBJ  (1918)  - Copy.jpg
Ficus microcarpa from Java listed as Ficus retusa in Atlas der Baumarten von Java (1918).