ABOVE: Ripe female fruit of a Ficus  tarennifolia tree growing next to the Wasai Berjanggut waterfall  at Bukit Perdayan, Temburong, Brunei. This is one of two separate trees photographed by Arlene Walshe  at the waterfall. To access this waterfall   see the map at Ficus tarennifolia 01, Sg Perdayan, Temburong, Brunei.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This fig is very close to Ficus tengerensis

02 Ficus tarennifolia 02 0C7A5157.JPG
The seeds indicate that this fig is almost fully ripe and that it ripens green not orange or purple  as with the F. tarennifolia figs found in the mountains of Sabah.


03 Ficus tarennifolia 7A4998.JPG

04 Ficus tarennifolia 0C7A5013.JPG



05 Ficus tarennifolia 0C7A5017.JPG