ABOVE: Binturong Artictis binturong resting after feeding on ripe green Ficus variegata fig fruit at Deramakot in Sabah.  As a general rule in Borneo figs eaten by birds ripen orange/red/ purple and  attract birds by sight. Figs that ripen green or yellow green are eaten by mammals such as bats and civets  and attract these nocturnal mammals by smell.  Ficus variegata is an exception. On different trees  the figs  may ripen either green or red  and may be eaten by both mammals and birds.  All photos by Mike Gordon.

Binturong Ficus variegata Deramakot 01
Ficus variegata figs are sweet but very fibrous and so Binturongs spend many hours a day resting often in or next to a fruiting fig whilst digesting the fruit.


Binturong Ficus variegata 02  Deramakot Mike Gordon - Copy (2).jpg
Binturongs are solitary fig specialists and it is rare to see more than one Binturong feeding in the same tree.   For an exception see Mike Gordon’s video below.

VIDEO: Mother and juvenile Binturongs feeding on Ficus variegata figs at Deramakot