Repairing the Rainforest, a classic text book written by two Australian forest restoration experts describes a variety of methods for restoring degraded or absent rainforest in northern Queensland, Australia.

DOWNLOAD: Goosem & Tucker (2012) Repairing the Rainforest

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The most favored method of restoring rainforest in Queensland is known as the Framework Species Method  (FSM).  Framework Species Method involves planting a  limited variety eg. 30  species of quick growing small trees . These trees are  secondary forest pioneer species  typically dispersed by fruit bats, pigeons and frugivorus birds  such as bulbuls.

In Queensland  such plantings would typically include at least 4 species of  figs including Ficus fistulosa (F. congesta), F. septica, F. variegata and Ficus racemosa. All these fig species are also found in Borneo.

For Borneo reforestation, suitable species would additionally include Ficus lepicarpa, Ficus aurata, Ficus fulvaFicus tinctoria gibbosa  and Ficus grossularioides.

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Framework species 02

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