Ficus microcarpa growing next to the road  at Kg Panginatan midway between Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan in Sabah. John Hamilton stands next to a sign describing why Kg Panginatan is famous in the history of Sabah. See here for an update on this post.

01 Ficus sumatrana Kg Paginatan IMG_0151.JPG03 IMG_0157.JPG

02 IMG_0153.JPG

05 IMG_0231 - Copy
This fig was not fruiting when we visited so the ID  as Ficus microcarpa is based on the leaves alone. This ID must therefore be regarded as provisional.

04 IMG_0153.JPG

If you drive from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan in Sabah,  the second half of the drive follows the route of the mighty Labuk river which begins as a small stream called the Liwagu at Kinabalu Park HQ but ends up as a large river which enters the sea just north of Sandakan in Labuk Bay. The photo shows the road bridge where the Kota Kinabalu- Sandakan Road crosses  the  Tampios Liwagu/ Labuk river  at the Nunuk Ragang site in central Sabah about 15 km from Kg Paginatan.