The map above shows Signal Hill as an oval island of green amidst the busy roads and buildings of Kota Kinabalu.  At least 8 different species of figs have been recorded from Signal Hill. These figs are relatively easy to locate and  therefore provide an easy introduction to to the figs of urban  Kota Kinabalu.

For additional fig species which can be found  around Kota Kinabalu see  The magnificent figs of Tanjung Aru beach.

03 Signal Hill lookout IMG_1811.JPG
The best starting point is the Signal Hill lookout  highlighted by the orange arrow in the photo above.
The Signal Hill lookout is around 15-25 minutes walk from the Sabah Tourism office in central Kota Kinabalu up a steep series of steps.
01 Ficus drupacea Signal Hill IMG_1709
Photo taken from the Signal Hill lookout of a fruiting  Ficus drupacea  topped  by a Green Imperial Pigeon. In the background is the water village next to Gaya Island  one of the 5 islands which make up the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.
04 Clock Tower  view from Signa HillIMG_3135.JPG
The  Atkinson clock tower (1905)  is said to be the oldest building in Kota Kinabalu.
09 Signal Hill IMG_3195
Just below the Signal Hill lookout there is an interesting label listing some of the  many different trees growing on Signal Hill. Unfortunately this label does not mention any figs !
02 IMG_0161 - Copy.JPG
Growing right of the label are two species of bat dispersed figs both of which are common on Signal Hill. Behind the label is Ficus septica and on the left is Ficus callosa.
08 Ficus callosa Signal Hill IMG_3130
Ficus callosa is  rare in Borneo although it is locally common on Signal Hill. These figs grow into tall straight trees with striking white trunks.
11 Signal Hill IMG_3205
Ficus callosa fig fruits ripen green and are dispersed by fruit bats that fly at night.
10 Signal Hill 3P7A7117.JPG
A Green Imperial Pigeon Ducula aenea  has come to feast on the ripe figs of  a large Ficus drupacea  strangler which grows just below the Signal Hill lookout.
12 Signal Hill Ficus septica IMG_3188.JPG
Ficus septica is a very common small tree in the patches of secondary  forest in Kota Kinabalu. The figs ripen green and are also dispersed by nocturnal fruit bats.
12 Signal Hill  IMG_3184.JPG
Ficus tinctoria gibbosa is a very common small tree on Signal Hill often starting as an epiphyte later dropping down aerial roots to reach the ground. The ripe figs are dispersed by Glossy Starlings
13 Signal Hill IMG_8855
Ficus fistulosa  prefers damp gullies next to roads on Signal Hill.
14 Signal Hill IMG_8857
Ficus fistulosa is  a common fig of damp rainforest often  found long roadsides throughout Borneo. On Signal Hill it prefers the damp gullies of along streams. The figs ripen green and are dispersed by bats.
16 Signal Hill IMG_7142.JPG
Ficus variegata fruiting in the forest on Signal Hill.
15 Signal Hill SIMG_1621.jpg
Ficus variegata figs may ripen either green or red.
05 Signal hill sunset IMG_3145.JPG
A typical evening view from the Signal Hill lookout looking west towards the setting sun. Silhouetted  are 3 islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.  Mamutik backed by Sulug on the left and  Manukan on the right.

Three additional fig species can also  be found on Signal Hill;

Ficus aurata

Ficus fulva

Ficus microcarpa