Ficus deltoidea var motleyana growing as a shrub in lowland peat swamp forest near Pontianak in West Kalimantan.   All photographs by Ripin Forestry.

Distinguished from Ficus oleifolia by the largely reticulate (boxed or netted) tertiary venation between the side veins of the leaf. According to Berg 2005 the tertiary venation of Ficus oleifolia a very similar fig is ” largely parallel to the side veins”.

02 Ficus oleifolia Pontianak Ripin DSC02673

02 Ficus deltoidea fruit 02

01 Ficus deltpoidea fruit SC02685

03 Ficus deltoidea fruit DSC02668

06 Ficus oleifolia Pontianak Ripin DSC02479.JPG

07 Ficus oleifolia  Pontianak DSC02462.JPG

04 Ficus oleifolia Ripin Forestry Pontianak DSC02485.JPG

03 Ficus oleifolia Pontianak Ripin DSC02487.JPG

05 Ficus oleifolia  Potntianak Ripin DSC02472.JPG

D08 Ficus oleifolia  Pontianak SC02457.JPG