A female fig of the legendary Ficus carrii photographed in forest near Kinabalu Park HQ in Sabah.

This is the first photographic record of this bizarre, rare, fig endemic to the mountains of northern Borneo.  All photos by Shuai LIAO taken on 8 September 2019. Collection # 20190371. Collections by Postar Miun and a botanical team from the Sandakan herbarium.

03 Ficus carrii Kinabalu Park●20190371★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_9402
Note that scattered among the thick hairs are  tiny pale brown structures similar to the seeds on the surface of a strawberry.  As the figs decay these  objects grow in size and turn green, possibly ending up as small plants cloned from the mother liana. If this hypothesis is correct then this would be unique for any plant.

02 Ficus carrii Kinabalu Park●20190371★y Shuai LIAO-LSL_9419.JPG

05 Ficus carrii Kinabalu 20190371★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_2655.JPG

06 Ficus carrii Kinabalu 20190371★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_2656.JPG
The seeds of Ficus carrii are unusual for a root climbing liana fig in that they are smooth and oblong with no odd  protuberances or shape that would make them easy for ants to carry.

08  Ficus carrii Kinabalu ●20190371★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_2642.JPG

09 Ficus carrii Kinabalu ●20190371★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_2647.JPG

01 Ficus carrii Kinabalu 0190371★Shuai LIAO-LSL_9399.JPG

07 Ficus carrrii  Kinabalu 20190371★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_9400.JPG

10 Ficus carrii Kinabalu ●20190371★Shuai LIAO-LSL_2648