Ficus annulata growing at Sg Mokodou, Kg Nalumad, Ranau district, Sabah. The orange arrows point to the peduncles or fruit stalks on the figs. Ficus annulata is very variable and some plants  may have figs with peduncles and on other plants the figs may be sessile, – i.e. without peduncles.

Photos by Shuai LIAO taken on 7 September Collection reference 20190362.

01 Annulata Atlas Von Java

Illustration from Kooders & Valeton (1918) Vol 4. Koorders et Valeton (1918) Fig Trees of Java

The orange arrow shows how the peduncle of Ficus annulata has a ” tap root” which  extends  well into the body of the fig.

02 Annulata peduncle drawing Atlas Von Java.png

Illustration from Kooders & Valeton (1918) Vol 4. Atlas der Baumarten von Java

As far as is known no other Bornean fig  including the very closely related Ficus depressa has a peduncle  with a root.

Ficus annulata Sg. Mokodou●20190362★ Shuai LIAO-LSL_0728

Malaysia, Sabah, Ranau, Kg. Nalumad, Sg. Mokodou●20190362★Photographed By Shuai LIAO-LSL_0728 - Copy.JPG

BLACK ARROW: Points to the root of the peduncle

GREEN ARROWS: Point to damage on the wall of the fig caused by NPFW (non-pollinating fig wasp) parasites. NPFW drill into the fig with their long ovipositor or egg laying tube so that they can lay eggs inside the ovaries replacing  any seeds that might be developing.

BLUE ARROW: Ostiole. The entrance to the interior of the fig blocked by bracts which act as a one way gate, allowing pollinating fig wasps in but not out and blocking the entry of all  NPFW.

Ficus annulata  001 King (1887) ORIGINAL.jpg

Illustration from King (1898)