3 locally common figs of secondary forest in Borneo are often confused. These 3 figs are;

Ficus aurata: Prefers open countryside.  Very hairy leaves twigs and figs. Stipule green/brown

Ficus fulva: Prefers forest edge. Less hairy than Ficus aurata. Stipule pale green

Ficus brunneoaurata: Prefers very wet secondary hill forest. Stipules red brown

In some very wet locations such as the Kokol Ridge near Kota Kinabalu and Kipandi in the Crocker Range in Sabah all 3 species can be found growing next to each other.

Photos and information provided by Shavez Cheema and Chun Xing WONG of 1Stop Borneo Wildlife.

Only 3 Bornean figs in Section Eriosycea (hairy figs and hairy leaves) have red stipules  Ficus endospermifolia, Ficus bruneiensis and Ficus brunneoaurata