Ficus magnoliifolia photographed in the foothills of Gunung Niut in West Kalimantan Indonesian Borneo by Ripin.

The exact location  was the protection forest of Kg Dange Aji around 6-7  km from Gunung Niut.

Prior to this discovery there were only two previous records for F. magnoliifolia from Kalimantan in the NATURALIS online herbarium, a single collection from Kutai in NE Borneo and a single collection from SE Borneo by Korthals in 1836.

Ficus magnoliifolia is common in Java, Sulawesi and the Philippines where the climate is dryer and more seasonal but rare in Borneo. The  only other recent records are from the the Tabin area in east Sabah.

All photos and information thanks to Ripin Forestry.