Pulau Selingaan is one of 9 islands in Turtle Islands Heritage Protected marine area off the coast of NE Borneo.

Of the 9 islands three, (including Selingaan) are located in the Sulu Sea off the coast of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Pulau Selingaan is managed by Sabah Parks  with visitor numbers strictly limited to 8 couples/families per night. Selingaan  island is approximately 10 ha total land area

The other 6 turtle nesting islands are located nearby but in Philippines marine territory.  On all these islands  nesting turtles are protected and the eggs are collected  for hatching. After hatching the baby turtles are released back into the ocean. Records show that  over the last 30 years the population of Green and Hawks-billed Turtles have steadily  increased.

Turtles nest year round but the majority arrive when seas are most calm between July and September each year. On Selingaan during the peak season over 30 turtles often nest  each night. The eggs are collected  and taken to a secure hatchery. After hatching,,  500-600 hatchlings are released back into the sea every night by the Sabah parks staff. Turtle hatchlings are released at night to minimise predation by Sea Eagles, Monitor Lizards  and large fish.  On Selingaan  Black-tipped reef sharks started circling the release site at dusk.

Figs of Selingaan.

Like many small islands off the coast of Borneo the vegetation is dominated by large fig trees dispersed by island pigeons. starlings and bulbuls.

In order of abundance  these were Ficus microcarpa with many large fig trees , Ficus virens (at least 2 large fig trees)   and Ficus drupacea with at least one very large fig tree.

Ficus septica (a small tree dispersed by fruit bats) was also common.