The type collection of Ficus detonsa  from the Leiden Herbarium collected on Kinabalu by the Clemmens on 01 July 1933 at Dalas on the western slopes of Kinabalu outside the Kinabalu Park.

DETONSA Ficus detonsa  Corner (1960)    SECTION: KALOSYCE

Latin: tonsa=clipped.

Plant: A rare endemic Kinabalu root climber..

Leaf: Oblong 4-11cm long x 2-6 cm wide. The leaf is thick and leathery with revolute (down-turned) margins.

Sex: Dioecious.

Fig: The small figs (0.8-1.2cm) grow individually in the leaf axils or just below the leaves on a short peduncle up to 0.3cm long. Figs ripen green to white to pink to purple.

Similar species: Ficus cavernicola and Ficus disticha.

Distinguish: A small climbing fig with relatively large revolute leaves with a preference for mossy montane forest on Kinabalu. The figs of Ficus caverncola are much larger and the leaves smaller.

Distribution: All records are from the higher slopes of Kinabalu between 1,200m to 2,900m where it appears to be rare. According to Beaman (2004) F. detonsa has a preference for areas of ultramafic soil. It has been collected at Layang Layang at c.2,100m on the Kinabalu Summit Trail, and at Mesilau Cave (1,800m).