Ficus variegata  is one of the best figs to plant for wildlife in Borneo.

Animals that eat the figs include fruit bats, palm civets, binturongs, macaques, gibbons and orangutans. Fallen figs are eaten by mouse deer and barking deer . Ficus variegata often grows next to rivers and streams and the fallen figs provide a valuable food for fish. Ficus  variegata is ideal for planting next to fish ponds, lakes and dams to feed the fish. Another fig that feeds both fish and wildlife is Ficus racemosa.

NOTE: Ficus variegata figs are only very rarely eaten by birds.

To attract small birds  such as bulbuls  the ideal fig to plant is Ficus scaberrima. To attract green pigeons plant Ficus microcarpa or Ficus virens. To attract imperial pigeons or small hornbills Ficus drupacea is ideal. However to attract the largest hornbills such as Rhinoceros and Helmeted Hornbills  the best  fig to plant is Ficus dubia.

Thanks to Tim Hatch and Peter Boyce of Rescuing Borneo  for photos and information.